royal Soul VIP Days

Imagine getting months of business and launch planning done in one day, with confidence that everything flows seamlessly with the rhythms of astrology.

We meet for one day (online) and look deeply into yours and your business's astrology. We will use transit & election astrology to plan out the next few launches or projects in your business, as well as things like business and content pivots. Then we read tarot to create razor sharp strategy and predictions that will empower you to do your best work, and dissolve doubt and resistance to your next-level goals with a custom EFT tapping session. Get all the wisdom you would gradually gain out of a long term astro-package, in a single day - while not sacrificing the attention your projects need. 


As a business owner, I've had tarot readings and coaching sessions that soon became obsolete. Because there was only enough time to talk about so much in our 60min or 30 min session. You are a busy entrepreneur and you deserve to get all the information and magick you need as soon as possible, and save time in your busy schedule.  You have the day with me to chat, be coached, brainstorm ideas, as well as find perfect dates, down to the hour that ensure maximum ease and success for your projects. 


This is your new secret weapon in your launches and your buisness. Your success is important, and this is the perfect way to give yourself the time you need to manifest your next level rapidly. 


One day. Months worth of knowledge, wisdom, and empowerment.  


"I wanted to say how grateful I am to have you as a mentor. You've made a very powerful impact on my life & spiritual business." 


"Working with you has been incredible. You've given me so many tools to take with me, that I know will help me grow and manifest my legacy.I have released so many lies about myself and I'm diving head first into my work again. Using my birth chart, I was able to understand how the planets effect me and how to use different phases to my advantage."