The Hades Affect: Using The God of the Underworld to Understand Pluto’s Transits

Pluto is a heavenly body like no other. He reflects the identity of Hades, Lord of the Underworld. I am a Pluto-Obsessed Astrologer because I work closely with Hades as a Personified Deity and serve him as a High Priestess. Because of this, Pluto is the most fascinating body for me to talk about and is a topic I know deserves even more nuance than he’s been getting. Let us give the deepest darkest planet the coverage he deserves.

Pluto is a slow moving, strategic, yet transformative energy. He asks us to look inward and see the paths we can take to transform. There have been times in your life where you’ve avoided change and stayed in your comfort zone. Pluto is the voice in our head who says, “I know there is another way.” Usually, this other way involves a path of resistance—it could be setting boundaries with your parents, breaking up with a lover instead of moving in with them, going to therapy for the first time in forever, or anything that makes your heart jump and want to run the other way. Pluto knows when you’re running away, and even though he does not judge you for it, he says, “If you won’t help yourself, then I’ll have to step in.” and puts you in his transformation queue.

I really like this image to describe what happens in Plutonic transits:

Pluto or Hades – wearing his obsidian black suit, is sitting in his office in front of an embossed journal. On the page there is your name, written in his gothic script. Under your name he has listed what you need help with the most in the arena of your life. He thinks over your page, reading through his past notes of how you got out of your last relationship, that one time you set a boundary with your mom. He thinks and writes of how to inspire more change in you, what situations will throw you off course enough to actually implement change. He is the master of situation positioning, the master of fated-breakdowns, and master of Tower moments. He smiles when he has come up with the perfect situation for you, because its unignorable and you undoubtedly will change for the better as a result. He says a prayer of activation over the journal page, and your name glitters as the ink settles into the parchment.

Imagine this scene the next time your life changes in a way that unignorable—whether it be a subtle change that butterfly effects or a huge Tower moment, if its unignorable its from Pluto. It could be a passing thought that enters your mind and does not leave- causing huge shifts in your mindset and actions. I’m sure you could name unforeseen situations you’ve encountered in the past that fit this bill. Be liberated by the knowledge that they were for a reason.

Greif can be followed by liberation, in fact, I personally think that is the point of all Greif is to liberate something within yourself or your community. Persephone’s descent is the perfect example of that energy—a moment of Greif for the world, for Gaia, for Demeter giving way to major personal liberation for Persephone, for her to grow from Kore (meaning maiden) to her adult title that we all associate her by, Persephone.

All this because of Pluto. Next time you hear about a personal or societal Pluto Transit ask yourself, “How is Pluto scheming behind the scenes.” And Imagine Hades himself interacting with the other Personified Heavenly Body.

In a favorable Pluto/ Jupiter transit (Conjunct, Trine, Sextile, etc), Hades and his brother Zeus are harmonious in the skies. If this transit is in Capricorn, they are likely meeting about issues with Authority and Control, or maybe Finance and Wealth—Hades asks Zeus, “How can we come together- Great Benevolent and Great Transformer to make positive change in the area of Wealth and Authority.” They talk, come to a conclusion that will involve sudden economic shifts, small businesses becoming hopeful about their finances and larger business corporations seeing big losses, shifting money and authority. In the news we hear about these big corporate losses but in our personal banking- things have never been better. Perhaps they decide on another play to preform in society, that includes different characters, players, lines, and staring roles. It is their game- we’re just the audience.

In another example, Pluto is transiting your personal Natal Sun. Since Pluto moves slow, you will feel this Plutonic Slow burn around your Sun for a few years at least, maybe more if he’s planning on going retrograde anytime soon (moving backwards in degree). Helios and Hades are meeting now, Hades has decided to and meet with Helios at night, in his grove of Sacred Bulls. He comes out of the Underworld, first with his Helm to render him invisible. Then, he appears suddenly before Helios who is slightly startled, even though he is used to antics of the Olympian gods. Still is tension in the air from the Titan war, from Helios giving away Persephone’s hiding spot to Demeter, but still there is deep respect and reverence.

“Helios, I am here to show my face, to stop hiding, to be seen in the reflection of you. As I stand in front of you Titan of Sun, I my darkness can be seen in your eyes, in your armor, in your light.”

When Pluto is Square, Opposite, or sometimes even Conjunct your Personal Sun, you might feel like you are staring right at the face of change, and even moments of doubt and darkness, that were invisible to you for so long. Depending on your Sun Sign, Hades can be seen in the reflection of the main theme of your Sun Sign. For a Sagittarius, you may have always had an easy time traveling, flying by the seat of your pants, having success in your thought patterns. But once Hades appears in front of you- you realize that your behavior in the last few months have been avoidant, as he continues to linger around you, you notice your once positive thoughts churning to doubts that you’ve never felt before. The world around you seems to get smaller, and even though you’ve been seeing Hades reflection in the mirror for the last year- you never said hello to him, always buried his influence, never acknowledging this darkness. Once you say to him. like Helios does,

“Hades, you and I are one. We are two sides of the coin, but that still makes us one.”

-The weight lifts, you plan your next trip, to your hometown you’ve been avoiding for years because your parents and college old friends are there. You go back, have genuine beautiful fun as well as tough conversations with your Father that helps to initiate you back into your lightness.

If you are a Sag sun who needs to return home to speak with their father - that one was truly for you. However, the same basic situation can apply to any Pluto/Sun Square or Opposition.

I hope you’ve found this method for deducing Plutonic transits helpful and maybe even liberating. The same Archetypal Personification can be done with any Heavenly Body and the God that rules them. Now go and write your scenes with Aphrodite and Aries, Chiron and Mercury—have fun with the Gods, they love it when humans have fun with them. Yes, even Hades.

In the next few posts I’ll be writing about the Pluto Generations. Since Pluto moves slowly, he changes sign every 15-25 years, creating Generational patterns that match up with the Generations we recognize in culture such as Gen Z, Millennials, Boomers, etc.

Best ever,

Angelica xx

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