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work with me 1:1

My name is Angelica, and I'm a spiritual business mentor, intuitive content strategist, and astrologer. 


My 1:1 coaching is for entrepreneurs and visionaries who desire otherworldly support for their projects, success, and business alignment. You are driven and know what you deserve to be experiencing in your business, you've had success already and want to continue to expand and grow to levels you haven't reached yet. My unique methods are both ancient and completely fresh, creating the most powerful client experience and results possible

What to expect:

We meet every two weeks for a 60 minute session where we tackle limiting beliefs, use remediation astrology and other tools, and create expansiveness in your business and legacy. I am an intuitive content & business strategist, here to help you sell  & cultivate the business that will support your dream life. 

During our time together we will determine your unique genius as a creative & entrepreneur through your chart or your business birth chart, and how to leverage this to grow your business. We will also determine what energy type you have and how to structure creating your days & projects for the best results and to banish burnout. We will determine if you are a specific or unspecific manifestor so you know exactly how to get what you want.   


packages & pricing

  • 2 (two) sessions every month

  • Unlimited Voxer talk and text support 

I'm booking for 3-month, 6-month, and 12-month clients. Fill out the form below if you're looking to start 1:1 coaching with me, or book a discovery call to meet on Zoom for a consult. 

$4,444 for 3months paid-in-full

$8,000 for 6-months paid-in-full

$13k for 12-months paid-in-full (get two months free)

Payment Plans are available, don't hesitate to mention a payment plan in our call or when you fill out the intake application below. Book either a discovery call or an fill our the intake application to begin our coaching journey!